October 2002


Dear e-Fisherfolk:

To quote Keith, “Fall has fallen!” We wake in the mornings here in the Ozarks to temperatures in the 50’s. That may not impress our Canadian friends, but our southern brethren and sisteren know what we’re talking about. There’s crispness in the air. The blood seems to percolate with the morning coffee. Visions of chainsaws and gathering the winter wood are dancing through Ezra’s head. Keith is calm and relaxed now that the Astros are no longer in contention for post-season play. The skies are so blue right now. Not a wisp of a cloud can be seen for weeks. This means that Ezra is hauling water to his cistern and that Keith and Beth are canoeing on lakes instead of dry river bottoms.

It’s that time of year so keep your eyes open. We’re looking for the earliest Christmas display sightings of this season. Halloween decorations are already up. Thanksgiving plans are being made right now. As ragweed fills the air, Christmas is just a sneeze away! In the spirit of early advertising, we’d like to invite you to our New Year’s Eve in Texas. We start out in Euless, TX with our traditional New Year’s Eve Afternoon Party for Children and Adults Who Want to Get Started Early. Then we’ll be moving over to a new location in Grand Prairie, TX to bring in the fabulous 2003. Ray Wylie Hubbard will be joining us for An Evening of Musical Mayhem and Lots of Kissing at Midnight. Bring Your Chap Stick.

The dogs in both of our neighborhoods are going crazy. There are coyotes in these hills and there’s been a full moon. Our dogs, Abby and Tinkerbell, have been up really late talking to the various packs. The howling and yipping is incessant and just a little creepy. As we watch the moon come up over the trees, it starts with a yip and then is joined by a chorus of high pitched howls. Abby and Tink add their two cents to the canine conversation with doggie threats and invective. Occasionally Ezra’s Great Dane, Tinkerbell, howls and adds the low harmony to the evening songfest.

We hope to see you soon and we’ll all go howl at the moon together.

Troutfully Yours,
Keith and Ezra

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