August 2002


Dear e-Fisherfolk:

Trout has been on the road! We’ve really spanned the country these last few months. Travel is still one of the coolest things about being a musician. You get to experience so many different things. We were out in Nevada on our way to southern Utah and got to experience 112 degrees! We celebrated by rolling down the windows and turning off the air-conditioner. We felt exactly like the pioneers might have felt if their Conestoga wagons could have gone 75 miles an hour. Trout played in Zion National Park. Behind our stage was a 2000 foot cliff that bounced sound off of the surrounding mountains. After wondering aloud what the wildlife must have thought during our show, we almost hit an Ezra-sized jackrabbit that challenged the van for road rights.

Ezra put in a lot of extra travel this last month following his daughter around the country as she finished up her summer basketball tournament schedule. Dana’s team, the Air Oklahoma Stars, won the BCI (Basketball Congress International) national tournament and Dana was selected, “All American.” This tournament was in Dallas. The AAU tournament was played in Kansas City, Kansas. The Stars finished in the top 28 teams in the country. When the Idlets finally returned to their house, there were letters waiting from college teams introducing themselves and their basketball programs to Dana Idlet. We’re holding out for the WNBA scouts. Dana feels that we should be talking NBA.

The gardens are weedy, but still producing. The Grimwoods have been harvesting tomatoes, okra, lettuce, spinach, radishes, squash, and strawberries. The Idlets brought in a large crop of sweet corn, cucumbers and okra. Eating food that you’ve grown in your garden gives you a sense of why people say grace. Keith is grateful to be eating anything. He has achieved Lifetime Member status at Weight Watchers!

We hope your summer is going well. Make some plans to join us somewhere on the road to Fall.

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

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