November 2001


Dear e-Fisherfolk:

This is Keith here, writing to you from the deck at my cabin in the woods. It’s a beautiful fall afternoon, the temperature is in the 70’s and a breeze is blowing nicely. The leaves have changed colors and so have I. It’s the opening of hunting season around here and I’m wearing a bright yellow shirt so no one will mistake me for a deer sitting on the deck. Ezra is even deeper in the woods right now, working on his tree house. I would need a bulletproof orange Kevlar jumpsuit to visit him. As I sit here and relax, I keep thinking, “Keith, it’s going to get cold soon and you should be preparing for the winter.” But it’s such a lovely day that I feel it is my duty to sit here and enjoy it.

Ezra is back from the woods and says, “Ahhhh grasshopper, get thee inside and start stacking wood. You’ll be much happier if there’s a fire in your fireplace when the wicked wind comes whistling down your stovepipe!”

2001 is winding down toward the holiday season. Preparations for Halloween seem a bit muted around here this year. There’s still the occasional witch on a broomstick crashing into a tree. There’s a few bloody plastic hands hanging out of car trunks, a pumpkin truck or two by the side of the road, the basic hardware store candy displays, the obligatory grocery store candy mountains. In Prairie Grove, they’ve dragged out the standard neon pumpkin and skull sculptures. In honor of Halloween, the Christmas displays have dutifully taken their places at malls and super-centers everywhere.

We found out last week that the Kerrville folk cruise has been canceled in the wake of the Sept 11th attack. If you were planning on going on the cruise, make plans to come hear us in your neighborhood instead. It won’t be nearly as scenic. There won’t be any beaches or suntan oil or midnight desert buffets, but we’ll have a good time anyway. Trout will not be dry-docked. We will continue touring and we have some big shows lined up. Our friend and producer, Fred Bogert, will be joining us for several dates and that’s always fun. Come on out. And if you are wondering what gift to give for someone who needs a bit of cheering up, think about a new Trout CD. Our President said to spend money. It’s your patriotic duty.

Troutfully Yours,
Keith and Ezra

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