September 2001


Dear e-Fisherfolk:

September. School starts! Some of us (like the Idlets) get up earlier in order to get the kids ready for school. Some (like the Grimwoods) don’t have to worry about that anymore because their kid has gone off to college. What else happens in September? Keith gets older. Ezra doesn’t have to worry about that till next year. Baseball heats up on its way to October and the World Series. Go Astros! Keith doesn’t want to have to ‘wait’ll next year’ again. Labor Day happens which is yad robal spelled backwards. Yad Robal sounds like a holiday in Yemen or perhaps the delectable sheep’s head soup also made in Yemen. It’s amazing what kind of provocative thoughts come from words and names backwards.

What else happens this September? Our new CD, inFINity, will be unleashed upon the world. There’s a song on it called Your Name Backwards, featuring popular names like yraM, treboR, derF, and olegnaleahciM! There’s a song on it called Are We There Yet? which has already received national airplay on Car Talk! Click and Clack’s entertaining and informative radio show about car repair and other things. Our use of the English language on the song, Sailing, will make you laugh or groan depending on your pun tolerance level. If you go looking for our new CD in your favorite record store, it’ll be in the kid’s section. That doesn’t mean that adults can’t listen to it too. In fact, we recommend it for anyone with a pulse.

We want to remind you that the deadline for signing up for the Kerrville Folk Festival Cruise is imminent. We’ll be spending seven nights in the Eastern Caribbean starting January 13, 2002. This year’s line up will include Sara Hickman, Susan Werner, Tom Kimmel, Trout Fishing in America and others. If you’ve ever fantasized about being lost at sea with Keith and Ezra… well, that might not be such a good thing. If you’ve ever fantasized about being lost at sea with a bunch of musicians… maybe that’s not so hot either. Anyway, the food’s great, the islands are beautiful and the music will make you forget your worthless existence. Contact, for more information on a better life.

Troutfully Yours,
Keith and Ezra

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