June 2001


Dear e-Fisherfolk:

As you scan our calendar for the summer months, you will notice that we are about to head to are and distant corners of the known universe. Summer is the time of festivals and long trips. Winter is generally time for time off or trips to Florida. The last couple of weeks have had us pretty close to home here in Arkansas.

KEITH- It was good for me to have a bit of time at home as we had a big event around my house. My son, Kevin, graduated from West Fork High School and I was able to attend the ceremony. My favorite part was the crying babies during the valedictorian speeches. Somehow, it added an edge of realism to the event. Anyway, we had lots of company at the Grimwood house and that always means cleaning up a bit. We store most of the extra stuff in the back of Robert red Ford, Trout’s trusty old pick up truck that was retired from active duty with over 500,000 miles on the odometer. Robert is now a poet and philosopher and still makes an occasional dump trip. Robert has submitted a new poem for your enjoyment.

As friends and relatives visit, I feel as if I am inhaling. Deep breaths clear new space and my space is filled to fullness. A set of drums, speakers, turntables, barbells, dumb ells, a bench, a table, tents, sleeping bags, boxes of books, boxes of letters, mike stands, a bag of old t-shirts with faded advertisements to places that no longer exist. My lungs are large; my springs flow deep and strong. I am a little house, a closet in the yard, a monument to memories too precious to forget, too bulky to display.

EZRA-A bloody battle was fought in Prairie Grove, Arkansas during the Civil War. The battlefield became a park. This Memorial Day, Trout played a concert at Battlefield Park. At the outside edge of a stand of trees is a pair of trees that have been standing perhaps since the Civil War. What makes these trees special is that they are two different kinds of trees (oak and elm) and that they have actually grown into each other. I was reflecting to the audience how symbolic this is. How two trees from different families could grow as one and prosper. I was having an important moment and Keith piped up, “Gee, I sure hope that doesn’t happen to Ezra and me!” My partner is so funny sometimes.

The progress on the tree house is slow. As the summer heats up and Trout is playing more, there is less time for working. Some interesting ideas have been suggested though. Jody, my brother-in-law, thinks that the posts for the deck railing should be topped with candleholders. It would almost look like luminarios. Nancy, an artist friend, thinks that weaving grapevine between the spindles for the railing could be really interesting. I’m taken with these ideas. We don’t have any pictures of the tree house up on the Website yet, but they are coming.

We’re all over the place this summer. Come out and say hi.

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

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