March 2001


Dear e-Fisherfolk,

We’d like to welcome and thank all of you who changed over to the email newsletter format. This is much easier for us and more consistent for you. You will get used to hearing from us every month. It won’t hurt as much next month and after a year, you won’t know how you ever got by without it.

Keith and Ezra spent a year yesterday in the Delta terminal of the Atlanta airport. Planes could land, but they couldn’t take off. It was the Hotel California of airports. The main computer “went down.” We heard this message over and over again. “The main computer has went down.” We noticed they never used the word crashed. Perhaps this was a grammatical thing. It would have been improper to say the main computer has went crashed. Eventually the computer went up and we did went home.

We’re taking a look at our calendar. Actually, we will be taking a look at our calendar when Keith can find it. Yippee! He found it! We’re heading to Disney World on Thursday. We’ll be doing a show on Radio Disney with B.B. Goode and we’ve been invited to tour the Disney animation studios with one of their chief animators. We’re going to be home for spring break from the 13th through the 22nd. This will give us a chance to plant potatoes on St. Patrick’s Day. Ezra hopes to start actual construction on his treehouse during this time. This is what we’re doing with our time off. You should check our calendar to find what we’re doing with our time on.

We’ve got a lot of new songs you haven’t heard. Come on out and give them a listen.

Best fishes,
Keith & Ezra

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