August 2000


Dear e-Fisherfolk:

Time flies like the wind, fruit flies like bananas. Words of wisdom taken from a bathroom wall somewhere in Colorado sometime back in the 70’s when Trout was young. Ahhhh when Trout was young. Back before Robert Red Ford, our trusty old pickup truck that we retired with over 530,000 miles on it. Back when Keith sported a beard and a ‘fro that stood about two feet tall. (He was almost six feet tall back then.) When Trout was young, we once slung overripe tomatoes at an audience who deserved it! It was electrifying! When Trout was young, we once played in the back of two pickup trucks backed up to each other. We put our PA on the hoods and played to the traffic on South Ritchie Road in Houston, Texas. The only people who listened to us that day were rotten kids on bikes who wanted to hear KISS or the silly car salesmen who would come outside after they inhaled helium from their advertising balloons. They requested Kenny Rogers’s songs.

We know that sounds like fun, but it’s really great to be Trout these days. We’re still traveling a lot, but our new van, Stretch, has a quick and sprightly step. The stages we get to play don’t have wheels for the most part, and the audiences are definitely more fun to play for than some of the surreal audiences of our past.

Our gardens have had ups and downs for us this summer. Ezra’s corn and strawberries were stellar. Unfortunately, his asparagus was attacked by a plague of asparagus beetles. These nasty insects are designed for one thing only and that’s to deprive hard working honest farmers of the fruits (or vegetables) of their labor. Keith’s potato plants have provided him with hundreds of pounds of that delicious tuber. Unfortunately, his corn crop was disappointing. He only got two ears. That’s enough for most people but we’re not talking hearing here. When he saw that Wal-mart was selling fresh corn for 10 ears for $2.00, he officially quit growing corn. Another case of corporate America discouraging small-time farmers.

We hope your summer is going well. Trout’s going to be playing festivals and traveling a bunch. We should be in your neighborhood soon.

Best fishes,

Keith and Ezra

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