July 2000


Dear e-Fisherfolk:

We better speed up or get off the road if we expect to live long enough to write this newsletter. There’s a 53 foot tractor trailer rig rapidly approaching Trout ground zero. That would be the back of our van. Keith is driving and fussing about those guys driving houses around like they were race cars.

Our van is on the road courtesy of the fine volunteer staff of the Kerrville Folk Festival. We heard a terrible scraping sound that turned out to be our brakes, or what was left of them. The staff mechanics of the festival told us that the brake pads had worn down to the point that metal was scraping on metal. That’s a sound you don’t want to hear. They replaced our brake shoes in the dirt parking lot of the Kerrville Folk Festival. It’s hard to find that kind of service any time, much less on the Memorial Day weekend. Thanks guys.

We spent the last three days recording six new songs in Nashville. It’s way too early to be talking about when our alleged next album might come out, but we’ve had a great time recording these new songs. Your best chance to hear this new stuff will be to come out and hear us live.

This has been an incredibly wet summer for Trout. It seems like there were dire predictions of drought earlier this year. There may even be drought happening right now in parts of the country, but wherever we are these days, it seems like it’s raining. We played two sets in Macomb, Illinois last week. It rained on our break. During our second set, the lightning was so intense that if we were in a swimming pool, our mothers would have made us get out. For some reason, neither the audience or Trout would leave the concert. It was a beautiful and dangerous night.

Hope it’s not raining on your parade. Best fishes from the road.

Ezra & Keith

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