June 2000


Dear e-Fisherfolk,

We’re actually driving down the road right now. We’ve been doing a lot of traveling by air recently and it feels good to be driving. There is a lot of traffic though. It’s Memorial Day and it feels like everyone wants to be on the road with us. We just got passed by three Harley Davidson riders with Gypsy MC vests on. It’s gonna be a hot day in Allen TX today.

Trout has racked up a lot of miles driving across the country and has found that one of the best ways to travel those long distances is to listen to books on tape. When conversation flags because your partner’s asleep or just plain cranky, it’s so nice to lose yourself in a book. We checked out three books on tape for this week. Such A Pretty Girl, by Winston Groom, A Monk Swimming, by Malachy McCourt, and Cold Mountain By Charles Frazier. Those books should take us pretty far down the road and back again. Keith has been bringing old cassette tapes of Trout playing music that we’ve forgotten we ever knew. Right now he’s listening to a tape of himself trying to write a song. On the tape, he’s trying to add a bridge to a song that he had written. Keith’s playing a piano that he grew up with that is so distinctively out of tune that it’s easy to remember the instrument.

Hi, this is Ezra. I don’t want to gross anyone out, but two weeks ago, I had knee surgery. I had extra things in my knees called plica bands that shouldn’t have been there that were causing me a great deal of discomfort. In fact they were severely limiting my time behind the wheel. For the last year it’s been next to impossible to leave my legs folded for more than 45 minutes. This has put Keith in the position of chauffeur. I would sit in the back seat of a rented mini-van while Keith drove me around. This situation was just unacceptable so surgery became the option. My doctor predicted that I’d be able to work after a week of recovery and that I’d be able to get around after about three days. So, three days after my procedure, the Idlet’s went to Little Rock, AR for the AAU girl’s state basketball championship. Certain things should be remembered in recovery. One thing to keep in mind is not to stand up too quickly. I speak from experience. My daughter, Dana scored the go-ahead basket in a fierce basketball game that represented the culmination of a long and courageous comeback by her team. All of us parents jumped to our feet with pride and enthusiasm. I got about a quarter of the way up before I realized I’d never make it all the way, and sat back down quickly. OUCH! Like we said, it’s gonna be hot today. It’s already passed 90 degrees. The special in Allen TX will be baked Trout. We hope you’re doing well. Come out and see us and say hi.

Ezra & Keith
Keith and Ezra

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