April 2000


Dear e-Fisherfolk:

Leapin’ bullfrogs, hootin’ hoot owls, it’s Spring! The great outdoors has erupted into a joyous vocal celebration. The quiet of Winter in the woods has been replaced by an all night jam session with the critters outside. To a nearsighted and color blind man, the redbuds look like a pink mist on the mountains. We’ve set our clocks forward and lost our hour of sleep. We may have mentioned this before, but how come we lose the hour on a weekend? Why not lose the hour at 4PM on Friday afternoon? The clock would move forward, it’d be 5PM and then loads of people would get off work early and have the entire weekend to adjust! Conversely, when it was time to be handed back the hour that was taken from us perhaps it could happen at 8 AM on a Monday. Although Trout wouldn’t be directly affected by this, we feel the trickle down effect of good moods would be felt immediately.

During the course of the year, we travel a lot and there are certain things to know that may help you deal with the constantly shifting fortunes of traveling. There are certain things to look for when you’re checking into your motel room that can give you a pretty good idea of the kind of night to expect. For instance, if there are cars, mini-vans or buses parked outside with, “Go Tigers” painted on the windows and the rooms in your hall are decorated with jersey numbers and team slogans, you can pretty much write off getting a good night’s sleep. For the longest time, we considered a motel to be a five star motel if all five of the light bulbs in the room worked. Lots of motels are now providing their customers with things like shampoo and hand lotion. It’s important to know which is which before washing your hair. We’ve been fooled before and it’s not pretty. Try really hard to avoid storing your toothbrush and your shampoo in the same compartment. Finally, if they’re selling liquid incense or air freshener in the lobby, buy it. You’ll need it.

We hope you have a good Spring. If you feel a need for a road trip or work takes you away from home, check our calendar. We might be in your neighborhood or one nearby. We’d love to see you in a different place and hear some of your travel tips.

Troutfully Yours
Keith and Ezra

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