January 2000


Dear e-Fisherfolk,

We made it past Y2K! We flew to Lubbock, TX (Buddy Holly’s hometown) in a small plane New Year’s day and landed safely. No nuclear weapons were launched. Electricity and telephones still work. The canned veggies and meats will make interesting dinners for a while. Heck it’d be fun to turn off the electricity and see how well we actually would have done in the event of Y2K disaster. We could fire up the Coleman stove and cook chili using freeze-dried ground beef, Ranch Style Beans, onions and canned corn. Cook the mixture till it bubbles for a while. Try it, it’s easy and tastes really good. Then head to Outback.

There have been some changes this past year. Mr. Bear, our good friend and companion for well over ten years, disappeared in Ft. Worth. We think he’s gone country. RoBear, an escapee from a Chinese cloning experiment, joined the band in November and is doing an excellent job as a singing and dancing bear. Ezra also has a couple of noticeable absences. The Gurian guitar that he’s been playing forever took some pretty serious damage from the airlines this summer and has been retired to the Trout House. Ezra is now playing a Renaissance acoustic electric guitar. Ezra’s hair has taken a permanent vacation. After 12 years of growth, his hair was braided and lopped off! So far, he notices the breeze on the back of his neck. Beth says buy some sun screen.

The advent of the year 2000 has brought about more New Year’s resolutions than any year since Keith quit smoking in 1992. Keith has resolved to wake up and walk four miles every day. Ezra has resolved to walk. We’ve both resolved to lose weight and get in shape. Keith thinks the ponytail cutting gave Ezra an unfair advantage. “That ponytail weighs about five pounds! “ Sit back and watch as TFIA transforms itself into a lean mean music machine. We’ve been at this a long time and you have to take care of yourself if you want to keep going. We have now been playing music together for 23 ½ years, spanning four decades, two centuries, and two millennia. Impressive, huh?

Ezra & Keith
Keith and Ezra

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