December 1999


Dear e-Fisherfolk:

DECEMBER 1, 1999. The first day of the last month of the 1900’s. Have you decided how you’re going to refer to years like 2001 and 2005? I mean, will you say two thousand and one or two thousand five? Personally, I like the old fashioned sound of aught one and aught five or maybe even twenty aught one and twenty aught five. I think it contrasts nicely with our highly technical environment. Where did we get this word aught from, anyway? According to my dictionary, aught comes from the phrase ‘a naught’ being altered to become ‘an aught’. Very interesting. But what will we call the year 2000? Aught aught or twenty aught aught or two aught aught aught? So many questions. So little time. Is your pantry full of canned goods yet? Hey!!! I’ve got it! Let’s go back to Roman numerals. They’ll finally be easier than real numbers.

MM. (Plain and peanut.) MMI, MMII, MMIII, MMIV etc. Our new CD, Closer to the Truth, is out and available. Hopefully you’ve actually had a chance to listen to it. Something has happened with Closer to the Truth that has never (to our knowledge) happened to a CD release of ours. It has appeared on a chart. That’s right. They have finally found a category to fit our music in. Currently, we have climbed to # 28 on the Gavin Americana Chart. Keith immediately set out to discover what ‘Americana’ means. He was told that it’s contemporary-country-folk-roots music. Only 3 hyphens here. We think that’s a good thing. What all this means is that radio stations around the country are playing the new CD and people are hearing it and liking it. That’s the way it’s supposed to work.

The Grimwoods put up their Christmas tree tonight and decorated it. They have a tradition of adding one new ornament a year that reflects the events of that particular year. Early on, it was a very bare tree. But now the years are piling up and that tree is getting fuller. By the time Keith’s 80 years old in MMXXXI, their tree will probably resemble downtown Reno. The Idlets celebrated Thanksgiving week with a traditional turkey feast. The day after Thanksgiving, they hosted the traditional Cowpatty Bowl. Keith was quarterback and threw two spectacular passes to his son and one short touchdown pass to Ezra! The final score was 7 to 7. Our team won! Have a safe, happy, holiday season and celebrate any part of life that you think needs celebrating.

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

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