May 1999

Dear e-Fisherfolk,

We’re writing to you from the fifth floor of the Marriott hotel in West Conshohocken, PA! This is the very hotel where the Toronto Blue Jays stayed during the 1993 World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies. There is a commerative banner in the lobby. Keith was thrilled about the discovery! We’ve been driving by signs announcing names like Schuylkill (pronounced Skookul), Reading (pronounced redding), and King of Prussia (pronounced King of Prussia). It’s wet and mucky outside, but what do we care? It’s baseball season at last and Keith provides enough good humor and brightness to counter the rain.

We’ve not mentioned the mileage on our van, Stretch. Some of you have mentioned this to us. We figure that until Stretch passes his first hundred thousand miles that it’s really not worth counting. It’s getting closer though and soon he’ll be proudly singing about the miles he’s travelled. For those of you who’ve asked about our old truck, Robert redFord, he’s doing fine in Keith’s yard. He still travels, but not very far from home. He has 536,000 plus miles on him. Our gardens have once again been tilled and weeded. Some plants have been planted. Keith has erected an experimental deer fence. This is a measure to keep his wife from getting a hunting license. Ezra has repaired the solar powered electric fence. He also put stone pathways in his garden. When we get back home, the to-do list is always daunting, unless we can bring this rain home with us. Then we can sit around watching baseball on TV and having fun!! (Ezra left the room and Keith grabbed the keyboard controls. We now return you to our regularly scheduled newsletter.) Steven, Ezra’s son, is currently involved in the state AAU basketball tournament. His fourth grade Hawks will be playing a different fourth grade Hawks team from Little Rock, Arkansas. We feel certain that at the end of the game, the Hawks will win! We wish the Fayetteville Hawks the best of luck. (By the way – the Fayetteville Hawks did win!!) Work continues on our next album and we’re very excited about it. Having new songs to play is like falling in love. These tunes are working their way into our stage shows and that always makes things interesting. Hope to see you soon.

best fishes
Ezra and Keith

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