April 1999

Dear e-Fisherfolk,

It’s April! The weather is unavoidable. It’s impossible not to talk about the greening of the world and the milder days we’re encountering. Keith and Ezra have been in their respective gardens tilling and planting and building fences. The purple martins have once again made their pilgrimage to Arkansas and are even now mending their old nests and making new ones. Keith’s wife, Beth is anxiously awaiting the arrival of thirty chickens of various breeds in the mail. Chickens in the mail. What a weird concept! It’s real though. They box ’em up and send ’em right to you when they are one day old.

We’re working diligently on our new album. We just got back from Nashville where we’ve recorded four new songs towards our next project. Trout is recording in the world famous Studio B, a fabulous studio, where many famous people have recorded (Elvis, The Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison to name a few) and it’s also a museum. While we’re recording, tourists are peering in through a picture window and watching the process. Ezra was experiencing a bit of congestion during this last trip. His singing voice was marginal at the beginning of the last day of recording and it was time for the big guy to sing. Keith had a novel and original idea. If you’ve ever watched a football game in the last few years and seen a football player with a weird looking bandaid kind of thingy across his nose, then you have an idea of what Keith suggested Ezra wear in order to increase his breathing ability. Singing is a lot about breathing properly. You can imagine Ezra’s reluctance to wear this goofy looking device to sing while tourists are staring in at him. Keith said that he’d wear one too, so Ezra gave in. The thingy actually worked! Pretty soon, you’ll see all the hip Nashville singers wearing these things (Breathe Right strips) in the studio. Just remember, we were first!

best fishes
Ezra and Keith

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