March 1999

Dear e-Fisherfolk,

Does it seem to be generally warmer or what? We just returned from two February dates in Colorado and we didn’t see snow. There was some on the tops of those really big mountains, but it’s there pretty much all the time. In early February, we were in Indianapolis and experienced 70 degree weather with just the slightest hint of snow at the end of the day. Now the month of March is here and it’s definitely coming in like a lamb. There’s plenty of new life around here. Lots of new calves in the fields. The llama farm out by the new airport has a bunch of cute baby llamas. The hens are getting broody, ready to hatch out a new supply of baby chicks that will all grow up to be mean, nasty roosters for Keith to deal with. But the best new life around is puppies!

The Idlets’ Great Dane, Sheila, died this winter. Sheila was a wonderful dog and left a big hole in the family with her passing. The thought of living without a dog was not a good one and so Tinkerbell was found. “Tink” is a Great Dane puppy. The growth rate on this dog is impressive. At eight weeks, she’s almost as big as Abby, the Grimwoods’ dog. This exceeds Ezra’s growth rate as a child. She’s getting better about going outside at the proper moment. Ezra’s fishing rods have been moved to a safer place. This will extend the life of the rods and insure that Tink doesn’t end up with the business end of a lure in her lip.

The Grimwoods may have a new dog. Keith hasn’t decided yet. This soft, waggy mutt showed up and hid in the chicken coop, immediately endearing itself to all. Suggestions for its departure have been ignored and it has been recently discovered that Beth has been feeding it. No wonder it won’t leave. So far, it’s (her) name is “Other Dog”. Work on the new album progresses. Two new songs appeared in our brains while doing shows in Indianapolis. They have been a lot of fun to play at the live shows. We have the first week of March to continue writing. Then we go back to Nashville to “take a picture of them”. That means record them in hip-record-speak. While we were in the studio, we also recorded a commercial for the ROTEL tomato people. It’s a version of emily kaitz’ song, Pico de Gallo. They’re advertising a new product which is of course, Pico de Gallo. If you hear TFIA on the radio singing about ROTEL Pico de Gallo then that’s us, give it a try O! We feel like a couple of kids with all these new songs to play. We know you’ll like them too. Come on out and see us.

Troutfully yours,
Keith & Ezra

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