January 1999

Dear e-Fisherfolk,

This will be our first newsletter of the last year of the century. There might be some argument over the accuracy of that statement, like it won’t really be the next century until 2001. The justifications makes our heads hurt. Anyway, it assumes that good records were kept and nobody messed up in the count for two thousand years. Were months always the same length? When did leap year start? Who really cares? It seems to us that 2000 should be the starting point of a new millennia, so that’s when we’re going to start. You can do whatever you want.

As you read this letter, we will be somewhere in the Bahamas or the Eastern Caribbean or someplace warm like that. Work, work, work. We’ll be working on a cruise with the Kerrville Folk Festival, performing on a ship. We hope you’re not too cold and we hope there’s not too much snow to be shoveled on your sidewalk. That would be terrible. Maybe you can use this newsletter to start a fire to stay warm. At least you won’t have to be working like us.

We always like to step back and take a look at the past year as we leave it. It’s a nice way to say thanks and good-bye or good riddance, as the case may be. In 1998, we played shows in 23 of the United States, 2 of the Canadian provinces and Scotland. Our music video, Family Music Party aired on many PBS stations in March and April and the soundtrack CD, won a National Parenting Publications Gold Award (NAPPA). Our CD, My World, won an INDIE award for Best Children’s Album. Thanks to our publicist, Karen Leipziger, Guitar Player Magazine and Acoustic Guitar Player did articles on Ezra and Bassics Magazine did an article on Keith. Patty joined the Trout office staff and has done a great job. We also got to sing the National Anthem at a Phillies Game! We still have our families and everybody’s healthy. That’s a year to remember.

So far, next year looks good, too. One thing for certain about next year is that we’ll be traveling a lot. Around fourteen states’ names appear by April 30. Also, work has begun on our new CD. We’ve been playing together through three decades now and that’s about to become four decades through two centuries. Every year, our friend and manager, Dick Renko, adds new and interesting places to our schedule. This means that if we haven’t played in your neighborhood yet, the likelihood of us getting there is increasing rapidly. We feel fortunate to still be making music together. Without your attendance and enthusiasm at our shows, this couldn’t happen. We have the best audience of any band we have ever met. Thank you for being who you are and we hope you all have a great new year.

e-Troutfully Yours,
Keith & Ezra

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