July – September 1998

 Dear e-Fisherfolk,

It’s hot! We played in Waco in June and the soundman measured the temperature onstage at 104 degrees! We went to Springfield, MO two days later and it felt even hotter. We were looking for some relief from the heat in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Temperatures were in the 30s. Unfortunately, it was centigrade so it didn’t make much difference. Keith’s aunt-in-law swears, “If it gets up to 37, we’ll all perish!” We’re from the South. Keith was born in Birmingham, Alabama and Ezra was born in San Antonio, Texas so we were hanging with the heat pretty well up there in Canada. One of the Canadians noticed and said, “You Yankees have an advantage on us when it comes to heat.” We’ve been called lots of things in the last 22 years, but that’s the first time we were ever called Yankees. Apparently we’re all Yankees down here in the States.

Speaking of Yankees, we had an incredible time up in New York. It is traditional to think of New York as the largest urban city in North America. Upstate New York is incredibly beautiful. We paralleled the Erie Canal as we traveled between Buffalo and Schenectady. Picture postcard towns were nestled in the rolling hills. Ancient barns stood lovingly cared for by their owners. The clouds formed in layers that made for an amazing three-dimensional effect. The clouds! The crowds! There’s a great feeling that you get when you’re playing to a new audience and you feel that they “get it.” In New York, we played for a lot of new people (real Yankees) and they “got it.” We really enjoyed ourselves.

As we write this letter, we’re making plans to go to Scotland! We’ll be playing the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh in early August. We’ve never been to Scotland and it should be quite an adventure. Ezra’s grandfather came to the US from Edinburgh in the 20’s and Ezra will be meeting relatives that he has never seen or spoken to in his entire life. We feel that this trip will enhance our Celtic roots and make us much more employable at next year’s folk festivals! Actually, don’t be surprised if Ezra comes back with some bagpipes. Keith thinks Ezra will look cute in a kilt. We are told that it’ll be much cooler in Edinburgh. We hope that you all stay healthy and cool. If you get too hot, take a shower. Turn on the air conditioner. Go to the mall. Go to Scotland. Put ice cubes in your shorts! It’s dangerous out there!

Troutfully yours,
Ezra and Keith

P.S. With the release of our new video, “Family Music Party”, we are discontinuing our first video “Go Fish”. There are a limited number of them available at the reduced price of $10. For a complete Trout Catalog listing, visit the catalog.

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