January – March 1998

Dear e-Fisherfolk,

1998 has burst upon us and the Trout House is a flurry of activity. I can’t believe how busy it got so quickly after that nice, relaxing holiday break. In an attempt to get more organized, we have a new desk set that replaces the old rolltop. The rolltop has gone over to live at my house with our old truck, Robert redFord. It’s the place where old things come to rest and retire. On the new desk is a new computer that will be wonderful if anyone ever figures out how to use it. And as if that weren’t enough, Ezra is in the back room assembling all the new recording equipment that just arrived. I made an early morning pick-up at the storage warehouse for him and now Ezra has old amps, pre-amps, racks and various antique musical components accumulated over the last 21 years to hook up to the new, wonderful toys. I especially like the way he has those speakers mounted on Lego blocks. Very professional. He’s busy in Toy World and that’s why I’m writing this letter.

Our biggest news of this calendar period is that our PBS special has been named and will be aired by many Public TV stations all over the country. The name is “A Family Music Party with Trout Fishing in America”. In the title, it was absolutely necessary to be sure to explain that this is music. People not familiar with us (which is actually the vast majority of people in this world) would think it was a fishing show. Call your local PBS affiliate to find out when it will be showing in your area. If it isn’t, well, ask them why not and tell them what they’re missing. We’re excited about the possibilities and looking forward to wherever it takes us. One of the most exciting places our career has taken us lately is Alberta, Canada. Before I say anything, the people of Alberta and the Canadian Tourist Bureau want you to know that it’s not like this all the time. Now, that said, I can tell you that it was 35 degrees below zero at one point when we were there. This can be a very exciting moment for a couple of guys that live in the southern United States. It was so cold that when we turned on the defroster in the rental van, the drivers’ side window exploded! Our hostess, Susan Casey, who was driving because she said Ezra drove like someone who lives in the southern United States, was showered with glass. She was more than mildly surprised. We drove back to town with plastic over the window. By the way, if you didn’t know, duct tape doesn’t stick at 35 below. You might as well use a silk tie. In spite of the cold, we had a great crowd at our show and a great time. The people up there may slow down, but nothing seems to stop them.

Troutfully Yours,
Ezra and Keith

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