March News

Dear Fisherfolk,

Happy New Year and welcome to 1997. Hope you’re enjoying it so far. We are. The winter hasn’t been too bombastic and we’ve had some time off to enjoy the weather with our friends and families. Now it’s Home to work and we have so much to tell, so many new things going on, that it’s hard to know where to start.

When you receive this letter, we’ll probably be in France. That’s right. France, as in Europe! We’re showcasing at the Midem convention in Cannes. This convention brings together the record and live performance promoters from all over Europe to make deals for the coming year. It is our first European visit. We worked on our French for a bit and learned phrases for “I am lost” and “Where is the bathroom?” Keith is still searching for the phrase “Have you seen a tall blonde man pass this way?” It’s a tough language and at this point, it looks like we’ll just have to keep saying “Pardon our French.”

We’ve just spent several January days in Nashville working on our new kid’s album. The title we’re using so far is “My World” and the release date is, appropriately, somewhere around April Fool’s day. Makes sense to us. So far, it’s got 11 songs on it and we’re having fun driving Robert Red Ford around south Louisiana, listening to rough mixes this afternoon. This brings us to our biggest News Flash! Brace yourselves. After driving our Red Truck, Robert, for almost 15 years and over half a million miles, a decision has been made to retire our old friend. His new job will be to relax on Ezra’s farm and to teach the children how to drive a standard shift. We’re thinking about taking his camper off and giving him a new sporty look. Mostly he’ll just go to town or the hardware store. Sometimes he’ll help haul wood for the winter. People have suggested that we put him up on blocks in front of the house as sort of a shrine, but he will be much happier being a functioning truck. There is a minimum amount of rust on him and with care and love, he should be with us for a long time. We’ve ordered a new van that should arrive around March sometime so the next couple of months will be sort of a farewell tour. If you come out to see us, be sure to say hi to Robert.

Troutfully yours,
Ezra and Keith

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